OK, Good One! You Got Me

Ha ha! That was a good one!

-23 last night. -20 right now. -11 for a possible high. This is either the world's best ever practical joke or someone forgot to ask God to turn off the globe's air conditioning!


pamibe said...

Do I have to say it?

Global warming.

You can thank me later.


Hapkido said...

You're supposed to rattle your hands back & forth while saying "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!"


RonnyEngrish said...

Al Gore called and said "no you cannot burn his Nobel Peace Prize to keep warm. That would be an Environmental Nono."

Mrs. Who said...

And burning Al's mountain of a carcass would add even more pollutants to the atmosphere.

Guess we'll just have to put up with winter.

RonnyEngrish said...

I waited till late Thursday night when the global warming would be at it worst. I went out there with a glass of hot water. I threw it up in the air and poof it evaporated just like they say it would. True Story. In the cloud of steam I could make out a face. It was Al Gore. Then as the steam cloud floated away another form appeared above him. It was Calvin peeing on Al. It was a good night.

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