Chicks Dig SCARS not Czars ya dipwad

Glen Beck is becoming a rising star in the fight against political stupidity. His job is going to be SOOOOOO easy. The hard part of his job is going to be ... 'how do I get all the idiot agendas into my show(s).'


If I recall history correctly....czars did not do so well. I hope this is not a sign of the times. This just has nObama stupidity written all over it. Why didn't his HIGHness use First Prime of Climate Propaganda? It is a little more job role descriptive...wait they don't actually think these titles through do they.


Hapkido said...

Wait, wait, WAIT! Chicks dig scars? I've got this HUGE one on my noggin! SAWEET!

Looks like I need to get rid of my pre 1917 Russian royalty figurines, though. :-P

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