Bad Form

OK, lady. I realize that you aren't actually in HKD & are part of the self-defense class. This also means my rank is not relevant to your training and, as such, you are not expected to call black belts "sir" or "ma'am". Believe me, none of the aforementioned means anything to me (I don't like being called "sir"). It's a non-martial arts class mixed in with a ranked martial arts class.

All of this is fine.

What ISN'T fine is addressing me like I'm one of your pals & stating that you, "don't need the commentary". Honey, I've been getting my butt kicked in this class for six years & am still paying my dues every day. You, on the other hand, don't want to be taken down because - in your mind - that must not happen if you don't want it to. To be perfectly straight with you: I ain't yer friend. Regardless of your need for the commentary, you will get it.

Let's be clear that disrespecting me will get you nowhere. If I decide to bore you with my never-ending analysis of the feeding habits of the Bolivian Butter-butt beetle, you can: 1) keep your yap closed & listen; 2) keep your yap closed & walk away; or 3) politely excuse yourself. Notice that not one of these options includes a smart-aleck remark.

I've seen people like you come & go - two others to be exact. Neither of them were cut from the right cloth. So, congratulations, you're now a member of a small (& crappy) club.

According to my fellow black belts, bad attitude lady didn't return. While there's no telling if it's an absence or permanent, it is a little unfortunate - as learning self-defense is important for everyone. Still, if someone is lacking the discipline or willingness to learn, there's not much point attending class, either.


Richmond said...

Oh yeesh - good for you for sticking to your guns, so to speak...

Hapkido said...

Richmond: Well, I can't say if the right thing was done. There was no direct confrontation - I just gave her a look & walked past her.

Respect was the issue here & I didn't want to disrespect my instructor by interrupting class to put a recalcitrant individual in her place.

I sure felt like doing just that!

Anonymous said...

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