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My 2nd degree test will be different than the standard promotion evaluation we have for Hapkido. Normally, we are tested on all our techniques - in this case, that would be over 200 techniques - in addition to groundfighting, "Circle of Death" & demonstrating a few techniques step-by-step.

In this case, however, we're changing from Combat Hapkido to Traditional Hapkido (where we all started), so the test will involve only a selection of 40 techniques, groundfighting, CoD & probably some full-speed punch/kick defense. Since there are fewer techniques, I want to mix in ones I do well & ones that are a challenge. Also, the ones that aren't so useful (IMO) were rooted out.

What is left becomes the below list of names that'll probably make you laugh...

Hap's 40 Technique Test
Palm/Ridgehand_______Front Fall Takedown
Horizontal Elbow_______Wrist Grab Throw
Step-Under Throw_____Throat Takedown
Step-Behind Throw_____Knifehand Armbar
Wrist Roll____________Pinch/Sweep
Suplex Throw_________Slot Machine
Tricep Armbar________Steering Wheel
Hamburger__________Wrap Around
Policeman___________Steering Wheel (Handshake)
Rubber Chicken_______Fast Hamburger
Z-Lock_____________Front Inside Sweep
Head Throw_________Front Inside Kick
Throat Spear_________Front Takedown
Fingerlock___________Arm Break/Side Kick
Armbar Throw_______Figure 4 Segal
Triple Whammy______Ki Strike
Tigerclaw Twist_______Double Wrap
Gooseneck__________Hook Takedown 2
Rear Takedown_______Steering Wheel (Punch)


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