The title has a dual meaning. I was content to leave political topics in Mr. Engrish's realm, so my apologies for typing this politically-charged post.

Additionally, the "Sorry" refers to MSNBC (or MSNBS, if you will) actually putting out another piece of in-the-tank-for-Obama tripe & passing it as some sort of fact.

The article states that president Obama broke from the "unpopular Bush administration". OK, I'll give you that: 1) president Obama has broken sharply with the Bush administration; and 2) president Bush left office with a low approval rating.

The story continues that [president Obama] has "mostly avoided divisive partisan and ideological stands".


Closing Gitmo & releasing terrorists, lifting the ban on funding of overseas organizations that support abortion & giving terrorist combatants the same protections in interrogations afforded to enemy combatants fighting under a flag sure sounds partisan & ideologically divisive to me.

1) Closing Gitmo: Where do you think these terrorists are going, Mr. President? President Bush was set to release a number of them but the home countries refused them. For some reason, I don't think representative John "In Cold Blood" Murtha's idea of housing them in his district will fly well with the "rednecks" in that area. Great way to cower to a leftist base but, as with most wingnut ideas, this just won't work.

2) Lifting Bans on Abortion: This is the very political issue that defines our generation. The thought that my taxes will help fund an abomination, an affront to life, disgusts me. You know what, abortion is legal here, thanks to Roe v. Wade...that's bad enough but why do you need to fund this atrocity around the globe?

3) Army Field Manual: Get a clue, Bubba II! Treating terrorists with kid gloves doesn't solve the problem. Treating them to bullets with a caliber of .40 or more does. They didn't play nice in 1986, 1990, 1993 or 2001. Our men & women in the military don't play nice with monsters like terrorists...allow them to do their jobs & watch these a-holes go the way of the dodo.


Mrs. Who said...

I'm getting to where I can't look at any kind of news...having Obama shoved down my brain is seriously raising my stress level.

And they keep saying he's avoiding partisan politics...I guess we conservative 'minorities' are a minority to be ignored, with no voice in any party.

Yeah...we've come really far.

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: Agreed. I'm trying to stay away from politics unless there's funny to be had.

Yeah, it's sad to see the day where a political ideology qualifies one as a "minority".

Fortunately, conservatives aren't patronized by the EEOC...

pamibe said...

I'm getting an ulcer.

Hapkido said...

Pamibe: Maalox! Lots of Maalox!

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