2nd Degree Test

Well, I survived it. If I had to grade it, the grade would be a B-. Not because it was a poor test but because my overall performance should have been closer to personal expectations (As a general rule, we say we don't want to pass a test with a C).

Falling: No real problems here. This was the part that concerned me most as falling on the noggin is a sensitive issue still. My air fall was decent considering that hasn't been done since August 2008. I even did a good air fall over a person. Full credit to Dan for managing to stay still while two black belts jump & flip over him.

The techniques part went well. I can't argue with my performance as even the odd slip or miss on a takedown was recovered quickly & without allowing the "attacker" to fight back. Finishing techniques were largely uninspired yet effective. Hey, if the guy doesn't want to get back up, I delivered the technique well enough!

So then came the situational defense portion...in this we first had to defend ourselves while wearing an ugly pair of pink mittens that wouldn't allow for easy grips. It was nice to see how little individual finger movement affects the techniques I prefer to use. The second part was putting on a "blindfold" with two small (about 1/16" is my guess) holes. These throw off depth perception & forget about peripheral vision. Basically, you have to "feel" your way through the defense. It's freaky but not as frightening as it sounds.

Lastly came the ground fighting...from Hades! I had to go against a former wrestler who was 2 weight classes above me (I'm middleweight, he's heavyweight). We started sitting down, back to back. Now, let me tell you that I'm quick on the ground. 75% of the time I'll get around before the other guy & take his back. That's a huge advantage in a ground fight.

Unfortunately, this was one of those other 25% times...

He prevented my turn & we locked shoulder to shoulder. This is normally a good spot for me when I'm in my weight class. In this case, he walked over me like a welcome mat & I went to my back. "No problem", I thought, "I'll pull guard & work from there". Yeah a great idea except he wasn't so cooperative. He passed my guard on the right & went straight to side control - a horrible position to be in for the guy on bottom.

I worked for a wrist/finger lock but he managed to drop his weight on my hand, blocking it. My left arm was propped under his abdomen to prevent him from smothering. He did manage to get my right hand off of his neck but, fortunately, he didn't know how to manipulate the joint for a shoulder lock. I tried to throw him off me but my hips couldn't generate the force needed to move his mass.

Now, when you're in side control it's important to keep your head facing AWAY from the armpit of the attacker as an elbow to the face (in theory, for class) will make short work of you. I was doing this in textbook form but it didn't prevent him from wrapping that arm around my head & securing it. He pressed me into his gut & hard as I tried, there was no way to breathe or escape.

Yeah, I tapped out as oxygen deprivation isn't on my list of things to enjoy...


pamibe said...

Wow! Did you tape it? I for one would enjoy watching!

Congrats!!! :)

Mrs. Who said...

If it had been me, I would have been a sniveling mess on the mat...Mop, Please!

Congratulations to you...especially after only a few months from the surgery.

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