Good Call (Not!)

So, there's a new horror movie out there called My Bloody Valentine 3D. The premise, best I can figure, is a guy with a penchant for WW II gas masks & mining equipment gets jealous of Jason Voorhees killing all the sexually active teenagers & wants some of that market share.

Basically, it's a metaphor for Apple/Congress vs. Microsoft.

Anyway, the 3D part of the movie is what caught my attention. Seriously, Hollywood, who comes up with this everything-old-is-new-again crap? Remember how well Jaws 3D was received? Oh, you don't? Maybe that's because it was a bigger stinker than the chum used in the first Jaws movie.

How about a movie based in reality for something original? We have well over 2000 years of history to explore and, contrary to what most of you twits think, it CAN be explored without perverting history a la Valkyrie...


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