New 1st Degee!

I'd like to welcome Mr. Eschen to the ranks of 1st Degree black belts in
TKD! He tested last night, with a broken hand no less, & knocked it out of
the park!

Mr. Lee & I, being 1st Degrees as well, are not qualified to judge at his
test but we were qualified to put Mr. Eschen through his paces to earn his
1st Dan belt!

Believe me, we made him earn every bit of it.

Mr. Eschen mentioned a few places where he thought he could do better, but
that's true for everyone. I think he had as good a test as any I've been a
part of (& I've seen some good ones!). I can't say I've seen a cleaner
break on a reverse kick since I started TKD four years ago. Our new 1st
Degree hits with a level of power you wouldn't expect but the real amazing
thing is the precise contol he exhibits when demonstrating what he can do.

Hey, it gives me something to shoot for! ;-)

Congratulations, Mr. Eschen, on an excellent test. I'm proud to have you as
a fellow 1st Dan & humbled to be considered your equal on any level! Kudos
to Master Rion for taking Mr. Eschen's abilities & focusing them into who
will no doubt be an excellent & dedicated black belt.


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