We Need A Reason?

FoxNews is conducting a business poll asking: "Should the U.S. stop funding
the United Nations if it's proven the organization is shipping
anti-American books to North Korea?"

Really, do we NEED a reason to stop funding the UN? That question could
just easily have "...if the temperature is above absolute zero" as a
qualifier & I'd vote "yes". We're talking about a failed organization of
countries - many of whom are not our allies in any way - that has no
credibility throughout the world. Honestly, Saddam Hussein was defying
various UN sanctions...which are really no better than paper airplanes in
terms of the fear they inspire. I'd rather we quit footing the bill for 1/5
of the UN's operational costs & put it back into our allies - Israel,
England, South Korea - which will do both them & us some good.

Honestly, what does the UN accomplish? One corrupt Secretary General after
another & one communist country (or "former" communist country) using their
veto to block any action in which they have a contrary interest (Russia,
I'm talking to you...the people in bed with Iran since the Shah was
deposed). We'd be best served by booting those ingrates/obstructionists
(remember WWII & the Cold War, guys?) & sticking it out with our true
allies. Anyone think China has any concern for another country besides the
PRC? Guess again. They're only our ally if you're a certain former
president who provided missile technology secrets.


Harvey said...

The only reason I'd be in favor of the UN is if I found out that the US used it to gather intelligence on foreign nations.

HapKiDo said...

I think the UN is used by other nations to gather intelligence on us...
Unfortunately, I just don't see it as a relevant organization anymore.

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