They Say This Like It's A Bad Thing

A branch of al-Qaeda is pushing the jihad message again - despite the
obvious association they have with the "religion of peace" - because the
people of France actually elected a pro-American president. See the quote
below for the "peaceful" view these terrorists have towards the French.
I'll admit a lack of love for the French - they simply haven't been the
staunchest allies in the past. Simply put, Chirac did little to further
amity between our two nations. As far back as the Reagan administration, I
can remember France being an obstacle to U.S. interests.

That's not to say I would wish harm on them. Certainly, they have shown, by
majority vote, they do support an alliance with the USA at least on some
counts. I figure if al-Qaeda can't stand them, France must have it's share
of decent people. I've been there three times (Nice, Marseilles, Cannes) &
enjoyed it well enough - except for Marseilles...YUCK!!! - & the people
treated me with courtesy. I reason, based on those two things, they deserve
another shot at me making nice. It's tough to do that (Chirac & Libya have
left me a bit angry with them) but if they're willing to elect a
pro-American, that means they've got decency in them.

Holy War

An Al Qaeda cell group is threatening to wage holy war against France for
voting the "wrong way" — in electing pro-American President Nicolas
Sarkozy. The Internet posting says Sarkozy is a — "crusader-Zionist ...
who thirsts for the blood of Muslim children, women and the elderly, and
yearns to carry out the mission of his masters in the White House."

It vows to wage what it calls "a bloody jihad attack and a murderous war
in the heart of Sarkozy's capital."

The above courtesy of www.foxnews.com


pst314 said...

"who thirsts for the blood of Muslim children"

Considering how muslim militants actually behave, it's clear that this is an example of what psychologists call "projection". (Once you've seen muslims joyfully playing with the blood of dead "infidels"--and even licking it up--you'll never see islam in the same light.)

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