How About We Start With You?

Some wingnut - that's the only name I can use for someone who calls for the "intelligent" & "humane" massacre of 5.5 billion people - thinks we need to reduce the world's population to one billion people & have cities of no more than 20,000. No word if he's allowing for childbirth or if families will have to move or "be downsized".

Feel free to read the attached article but I can tell you that anyone who calls mass-murder - no matter what their intentions - is simply a bad seed (at best). I can't say for sure but he's probably one of those enviro-whackos who's arrogant enough to think mankind can actually destroy the planet.

Look folks, Earth is an entire planet - a largely self-sustaining ecosystem - that was here long before mankind & will be here probably long after mankind. If the Earth "wanted" us gone, we'd be history. All the talk of global warming, man polluting the world to the point of being uninhabitable, stronger & stronger hurricanes, etc. is pompous enough to assume man has all this untold omnipotence of the Deity.

That's just not the case.

But let's humor our kooky friend & assume, for a minute, that his idea of extreme population reduction murder is a beneficial one. Who do you decide is worth keeping & who should go? How do you implement this oh so elegant "solution" of his? Do we have a free-for-all brawl rivaling Armageddon (survival of the fittest) or just have people volunteer to end their lives (surrender monkeys)?

I can't tell you how this could be done "humanely" or "intelligently" but I can tell you we'd all probably be better off if "Johnny Weeping Willow" decided to lead by example.


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