2nd Degree Update

Well, the updates have been made to the ol' 2nd Degree project & we're
lookng pretty good! I actually have the first paper I've ever written with
both a Preamble (sounds kind of "constitutional", doesn't it?) & multiple
sections divided by topic.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of this one.

The English teacher - who apparently noticed my impeccable proliferation of
prose ;-) - was very kind in her review. Yes, she is an English teacher,
so there were most definitely corrections/ideas to be effected but the
criticism was completely constructive. Being said teacher is a liberal, it
pains me to say that, yes, I wish there were more teachers like her. ha ha

The new essay is ten pages long, one-page Preamble included, and of all my
works this is probably second best (the #1 being an Interpretation of
Literature paper I wrote in college. That was a darn good paper). I think
the suggestion to create a separate opening allowed me to define clearly
what a teacher is without mucking up the introduction with a bunch of "I
think" phrases.

Yes, we all know what I think is dearly important to all of you, but that's
not the point of this paper!

This essay is the first step to second degree for me. I still have to
choreograph a form with attackers & endure an even more rigorous test than
the previous one. I've pretty well finished the form & have three of four
volunteers needed. If Master Rion accepts the essay, he will probably be
willing to set a date for the test. I figure I'll need about two weeks to
have practices for the choreographed form, practice my own forms & prepare
my terminology for the test. I'll probably have to run a little bit to keep
my endurance up for sparring & self-defense.

Basically, I'm preparing myself for a butt-whooping!


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