Hello? Jar Jar Binks...

George Lucas apparently called Spiderman 3 "silly".

Hey, Georgie, you remember that trilogy you recently chucked at Star Wars fans? Yeah, I seem to remember three mediocre films that - had they been the first - would have guaranteed the next set never had a chance.

We also can't fail to mention Jar Jar Binks. Honestly, if Darth Maul (Sidious, Vader, Jigglypuff) had just lopped off that annoying rastafarian-wannabe's head in Episode I, I would have called the movies completely worth it.

So, Mr. Lucas, before you call anything silly please consider that you are responsible for the single most idiotic character concept in this, or any, galaxy. What are you going to do for an encore? Maybe a Jar Jar Binks "Life & Times" series?

Get a grip!


Bruce Wayne said...

Preach on brother....preach on.
How can someone who created one of the most wonderful choldhood memories sully it with Jar Jar and a storyline that even I could write better. (and thats saying ALOT)

HapKiDo said...

Yeah, he screwed the pooch on this whole deal. Honestly, why dash our hopes in III by having Vader show up for 2 minutes & yelling "NOOOOOO!!!"?

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