Week In Review

Actually a productive week this time around. Let's take a look at what was

1) I ran TKD & HKD on Monday in Atkins. It was tough because our senior HKD
student had to go to MN for a family emergency (Sorry, I'm not giving
details out of respect for the man).

TKD went really well with few exceptions. One kid was pretty disrespectful
(a couple others just misbehaving) to a senior belt & I had to come down on
them kind of hard. I don't enjoy it but it's necessary. Master Rion trusted
me to run classes for him in his absence & I consider any disrespect in the
dojang as aimed towards him. That simply will not be tolerated.

Another kid accidentally stepped on another's hand. Granted, the stepper
should have been watching out a bit but the stepee has a history of horsing
around & probably walked (crawled, scurried) right into it. I talked to
both of them. Problem solved.

We worked on regular techniques in HKD & switched to defense against punch
(knifehand armbar) for the last 10 minutes of class. Everyone did well & no
injuries. Not a bad class.

2) Went to Des Moines on Tuesday for the new tattoo. It turned out just
excellent! Matt came up with a great design that looked even better in
application. I spent most of the day there, bought the new book "The Reagan
Diaries" (great read so far!) & had dinner at Applebees with my brother &
his friend. Cursed the cost of gas as it took $20 round trip. #@&*$!

3) Had a job interview on Wednesday afternoon for the open Load Planner
position. Apparently, my boss & the director of Air Freight think I'd be a
great fit for it but my closest competitor (& good friend) is rivaling me
for the position. She really wants it, I could go either way. Knowing that,
I'd rather she gets it & ends up where she wants. I'm not long for this
company at the rate things are going...

The interview went very well. I was asked some direct questions & threw
some back myself. I didn't do most of the talking & Chris (rival) said it
was the same for her. Not sure if that means one of us will get an offer or
if they're going outside the company. She could definitely do the job well.
I don't doubt I could do just as well but she wants the job & motivation is

4) I told my brother I'm ready to move as soon as possible (explaining why
item #3 isn't so important to me) & he said he'll need a roommate before I
do. He has a friend who has expressed interest but we don't know when the
guy can move in. If he can by July, that's fine by me. It may get to the
point where we need to go ahead & have me move & I'll send him a couple
hundred a month until he gets a roomie. I'd hate having to do that, but I
need to get to SC & get this move over with. I don't want to be stuck here


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