Oral-B Vitality (Sonic)

Purchased At: Target
Cost: $19.95 +tax

This is an excellent product! Honestly, I can't think there's too many
people who would think to post just on the quality of a tooth-scrubbing
device but this little baby deserves it! There was this one stain on a
tooth I just couldn't get rid of: I mean this when I say the dentist
couldn't get this to disappear completely with a good cleaning, so I
figured it was there forever. I'm 32 & have no cavities/fillings, so you
could say I take dental hygiene seriously.

Well, this brush took that stain off (with regular toothpaste) in six days!
The sonic action must be the trick but I'll tell you that stain is gone
like it was never there. If there's no other reason to buy this brush, the
stain-removing quality is completely worth the price tag. I don't know that
I'd ever go back to a regular brush again.

Not only does it come with a charger & have the capacity of a more
expensive electric brush, the head is reasonably-sized with soft bristles
(go ahead & make your joke, Harvey!). The rubber grips make for an
easy-to-hold product that is as close to a "normal" toothbrush feel as any
electric will come. It's comfortable & not weighty in your hand.

The only drawback, if this can be called one, is the extensive charge time:
16 hours before the first use. Now, I don't call that much of a
problem...how urgent a need can you possibly have to brush your teeth?
Yeah, if you do things that make you feel that disgusting, buy a standard
brush, a lot of mouthwash & avoid this product - it's not for you.

I'd call this the first "must buy" I've ever reviewed. Oral-B has a great
product line & this takes it up a notch. Buy this, use it frequently &
enjoy the results!


Harvey said...

"the head is reasonably-sized with soft bristles"


If your head has bristle issues, consider waxing.

Matt said...

I think I'm gonna check this thing out. Hey, maybe you could be their spokesman. Ya know, like Jared is for Subway.

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