In The News

1) Jordan Sparks won on American Idol to become the 6th season idol...

Amazingly, I still don't care.

2) 80% of Muslims surveyed believe that suicide bombings are "never
justified". 13% believe they are justified in defense of Islam & 7%
apparently declined to answer. Gee, can you guess which groups we need to
watch? I'm guessing the 1-in-5 of Muslims who didn't agree they were never
justified. So much for a "religion of peace".
As one pundit, Irshad Manji, put it: "...saying that it's OK to engage in
suicide bombings to defend a peaceful religion is rather like saying that
it's OK to have premarital sex to defend virginity. It makes absolutely no

I couldn't agree more, Irshad.

3) A sex-slave ring was busted in Minneapolis,MN this week. Apparently, a
great number of illegal aliens were involved. Activists, thinking this is
like a double-negative in grammar, are appalled that there would be any
involvement from the Federal government in this issue. The usual cries of
racism by protestors are meant to eclipse the fact that these people are,
in-fact, here illegally & broke laws (14th & 15th Amendments, anyone?) that
have to do with slavery.

Well, I guess slavery is OK with leftists as long as you're here illegally.

4) Speaking of illegal aliens, there's a new bill in Congress to provide
the Democrat party with about 12 to 20 million new liberal voters by way of
a comprehensive amnesty bill. Now, I will grant this bill has a provision
for deporting workers that have committed a crime but how is this going to
happen? It's the law now & it's enforced as well as last call at the
Kennedy compound.

I'm not as concerned about the imminent destruction of the Republican party
- the Senators & Representatives on the right side of the aisle have been
doing that for about eight years now. What does concern me is rewarding
illegal behavior. This bill would tell people that what they've been doing
all these years is OK. I encourage people to come to this country, legally,
like my grandparents did. If anything proves this is the Land of
Opportunity, those great Americans did so. If you want in & come here
legally, I'll welcome you with open arms. If you come here illegally, I'll
welcome you with a kick in the behind to help you back across the border.


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