Coke: Ice Cold Communism

Coca-Cola has offically gone on the Communist list.

Why, do you ask?

Well, when you're used to paying $0.75 for a nice, refreshing 20oz. bottle
of Coke Zero & you come in to work just to discover your soft drink of
choice has experienced a price hike of 66.7% - something even the oil
companies wouldn't jam you with - it tends to piss in your Wheaties a
little bit.

I REFUSE to pay $1.25 for a Coke out of a vending machine when it has cost
$0.75 for the last five (5) years. I could have lived with $1.00 & I know I
wouldn't have complained (Pepsi drinkers have been sucking it up for over
five years, so I can handle it). But if the numbskulls who gave us New Coke
think any sane person is paying that much for a icy-cold beverage, they'd
better stop & smell the stuff they're shoveling. I can drink water (& do
quite often, thanks) for free.

Here's some math for you, Coke fiends....

4 Coke Zero @ $0.75/bottle = $3.00

0 Coke Zero @ $1.25/bottle = Zero dollars & no sense cents.

Guess which you're getting, dummies?


Matt said...

I'm willing to bet the vending company has more to do with it then Coke does. That is unless Coke is the vending company.

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