Hey, You Asked For It!

Sure, far be it from me to say they had this coming (though, they honestly

The people of Venezuela, following the example set by the regicidal French
when they elected Napoleon, voted their rights away in demonstration of how
foolish people can be with their freedom (Honorable mention to those who
vote Democrat). It's never a smart decision to give a leader nearly
unlimited power to influence all aspects of life but that's exactly what
the Venezuelan people did by putting Hugo Chavez in office.

Now, they're demonstrating in the streets because this "benevolent"
dictator, the same one who had the nerve to call the president "the devil",
decided not to renew the broadcast licence of anti-government RCTV. Of
course, if you did something similar here in the USA, we'd have to shut
down ABC, CBS, NBC & NYT (just to name a few) - all of which have
demonstrated a lack of concern for national security by leaking documents
or providing (at the very least) a sympathetic voice to our terrorist

For all you leftists out there claiming we've lost freedoms & "BushCo" is a
malevolent dictatorship, keep in mind that you're able to be out there,
spouting the vile accusations of decreased freedom, without being carted
away in the middle of the night. Yes, you should have the right to say what
you want - wrong thought it may be - because freedom of speech is still
intact. The fact you openly question freedom's safety & suffer no
consequences, well, other than being considered a looney toon, demonstrates
exactly on which side of history you'll find yourselves...



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