Canon Rapid Fire Mode!

So, I'm sitting there with nothing to do on a day off & thought to myself,
"I'll bet there's a way to get that camera of mine to take photos faster".
I mean, we're talking about a 10MP Canon A640 with all sorts of fancy
things you can do like postcards, panoramics, movies w/sound, etc. etc.
Heck, for $300 & change, I can take a photo fast, right?

Oh yeah, you bet your sweet bippy you can! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

You have to reformat the card - which can be done in camera - & dump your
pics to a PC before doing it, but this little trick WORKS! Once you
reformat to low image density (unless you're blowing up posters, you're
fine), set the camera to shutter speed priority (click of the dial) & turn
on continuous drive, you're in business!

The result? You can take about two (2) pics a second by holding the shutter
down. The images are saved fast enough to make it look like choppy
animation. Supposedly, Canon has a high-speed memory card that will store
images even faster but I think the current configuration suits my needs
just fine. With the settings above, you're looking at over 900 photos on a
1GB memory card. I'd say that'll get the job done for any action shots.


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