100th Post!

Well, four posts ago, anyway.

Sure, that's not that impressive compared to most blogs out there. But compared to my buddy JP, I'm screaming along. ha ha

Sorry JP, you'll get there eventually. Good luck on the diamond hunting!


Harvey said...


A *lot* of people never even make it this far.

Plus you're doing it with at least a modicum of style, so you've got that feather for your cap, too.

Keep on posting :-)

Idlike2bnTX said...

Remember that you were once in the single digits too! :)

Eventually I will also be able to put that feathery thingy in my cap too. First I need to get that consistency issue worked out.

HapKiDo said...

Oh yeah I was! It was a slow start for me. If you look at the history, I wasn't exactly pounding out the posts like a pro.
At this point I consider myself a full-fledged rank-and-file amateur. Which is just fine by me.

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