Want To Cut The Pork?

Some employees of Target in Minnesota are refusing to scan pork products because it, by their interpretation, conflicts with their religious beliefs. I'm sorry but these people should be fired. Period.

By their same argument, they shouldn't WORK for Target in the first place because their stores sell pork products, right? Of course that doesn't apply under their "whatever I claim my religion says is for my advantage" rule.

Typically, CAIR & other agenda-pushing organizations come to the "beleaguered" employees' aid.

I don't think it's coincidence this happened in the "flying imam" state - where a few opportunistic individuals are exploiting leftist political correctness to weaken national security by way of airlines.

To illustrate the absurdity of this situation, I'll counter with an equally absurd example. Let's say a devout Christian joins an adult film company. As soon as they tell him to "perform", he objects because it's against his religious beliefs. Well, my hypocritical hypothetical friend, you signed up to do a job. Before you accept it, the responsibility is YOURS to determine if it's not in-line with your religious beliefs.

Likewise, the opportunists "working" at Target should have realized they're going to have to scan the occasional pork product. I find it hard to believe a rational human being wouldn't have that sort of foresight. Therefore, I can only reason they don't want to work.

Note to you slackers there - as I've posted previously, try portraying yourselves in a positive light for a change - silliness like this makes honest, hard-working people (regardless of religious preference, I might add) furious. Get a life & get a different job!


Harvey said...

"Let's say a devout Christian joins an adult film company."

Oh, there's a workaround for that:


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