CD Challenge

OK, I'm feeling generous today! Here's the deal: Based on the below lyrics, if you can guess the song title, the album & the artist, I'll buy you the CD!

Seriously, no games, no gimmicks, etc. The only "catch" is that you have to be the first person to reply accurately with the song title, album title & artist name (1st & last). Only one person can win per challenge. Only one guess per person...

Here's the lyrics:

"...stumbling on reasons that are far & few/
I'd let it all come down & then some for you..."

If you think you've got the right answer, comment on this post & include your e-mail address so I can get back to you. Good luck!

Congratulations to Jim!
Song: "Pretty Baby"
Album: "Be Not Nobody"
Artist: Vanessa Carlton

Check back in every month & I'll post a new challenge.


Anonymous said...

Ok- Its Vanessa Carlton, Cd title is "Be Not Nobody" and the title of the song is "Pretty Baby". Shes hot and you can bring me the cd into work next week. I love her music.

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