Dems Have A Plan For Surrender

But they sure don't want anyone to know what day it'll be...just that they want us to surrender.

Honestly, I have to ask if the Allies would have defeated the Axis in World War II on a "timetable", secret or otherwise. I think the answer's pretty obvious.

War is not managed like a quarterly report. You can't say, "OK. Either we're done by this day or we quit". It doesn't matter if you keep that day secret (yeah, right. "Con"gress can keep a secret.) or tell it to the world. A timetable is nothing more than giving up in the face of adversity.

This is a world dominated by the sitcom - in which every problem is resolved in a cute-ending 30-minute episode.

Reality, sadly, isn't as such. Brave men & women - so much better than this author - offer the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of liberty. The fight is not over in 30 minutes. Truly, the fight for liberty is never over.

Talk of withdrawal is a disservice to every person wearing or who has worn the uniform. Honor their noble efforts for this great nation & support them!

Pretending any timetable - even kept secret - will win the war says our politicians see this fight as they want to...

A 30-minute TV show.


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