You ever have one of those days where you don't want to get up?

I started off with a good couple days off - kept busy, got some exercise, etc. After that, I just got lazy. I mean really lazy! I went to class on Tuesday, stopped at the ID for a couple refreshments, went home & was asleep by midnight. I woke up at 7am & (since I work nights) decided to get a nap that afternoon.

Yeah, a 5-hour nap from 3pm to 8pm.

After that, I was up from 8pm to 1am & slept for 2 hours. I decided to go grocery shopping about 6am or so & came back to make breakfast (fruit, yogurt & a couple waffles). I was up until about 1pm & went to sleep (yeah, AGAIN!) until about 8pm.

So, that's about 22 hours of sleep in under two days. Obviously, there's something not quite right about sleeping that much. My guess is it's just wanting to get out of Iowa but being conflicted about it. I'm feeling burned out on just about everything. Not so much martial arts, but my mood is affecting that, too.


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