Platform: X-Box 360
Rating: M (violence, language)
Cost: $59.99
Purchased At: Gamestop

This game is in the "sandbox" - meaning free roaming world - style. Your role is a genetically-engineered "Agent" who is charged with clearing the city of three major gangs.

Throughout the title, you'll focus the largest part of your efforts on leveling up your five key abilities: Agility, Driving, Explosives, Strength & Weapons. Each level grants significant improvement for tackling your challenges. Strength, for example, allows you to lift up to 10 tons at maximum level. Needless to say the abilities are off the chart with regards to your typical "GTA"-style game.

The difficulty ramps up at a smooth level for the first gang & quickly escalates after their defeat. Enemies don't react foolishly & will use numbers to overwhelm you when possible. Cover & agility are your friends in these cases.

I'd recommend this (for the 18 & older crowd) if you like the GTA concept but can't stand the "Mission Failed" screen that pops up all too often with this kind of game. In actuality, you have one mission: to clean up the city. To do so you have to get your hands dirty...but you'll find being on the supply side of Justice is more fun than a life of crime.


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