Coke Zero

Oh baby! This is the stuff! No calories, no sugar, no problems.

Yeah, darn right it tastes just like Coca-Cola. It also doesn't have that "heavy" feeling you get from Coke Classic (if you mention "New Coke", you lose a finger).

I'm not what you'd call much of a soda drinker - basically, I don't like all the sugar & diet soda (not counting Diet A&W) tastes like crap. This stuff has me drinking more...which probably isn't a good thing on any level.

Fortunately, my 32 year-old frame has seen fit to keep a magnificent set of zero-cavity choppers (knock on wood).

Yeah, Coke Zero. Check this stuff out if you haven't already.


Harvey said...

Ok... I'm not seeing where this has any advantage over Diet Coke. I mean, you burn that 1 calorie just from having to warm up the soda as you drink it.

HapKiDo said...

Try it out. It tastes just like Coke versus Diet Coke...which tastes more like watered down generic crap.

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