To my new blogson, Ronny Engrish!

Ronny came into the world yesterday evening after creating his gmail. To demonstrate exactly what kind of blogger he'll be, Ronny went to work even before he was born into the blogosphere!

I think you'll enjoy his posting as a whole - except, of course, for the traditional first sucky post which promises to be such a horrid, raging pile of fetid compost that you'll all have tears in your eyes.

Stand by for Ronny Engrish, and pray there aren't any more of him out there!

(Mrs. Who: play nice!)


Bitterroot said...

Congratulations on your new blogspawn!

"(Mrs. Who: play nice!)"

Save your breath... I can tell you from personal experience, she's not about that! ;)

Mrs. Who said...

Welcome Ronny! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

*sighs at Hap's warnings and hubby BR's remarks*

I AM a very nice lady. When I have to be.

Hapkido said...

Thanks! I think he'll surpass even my humorous brilliance (or was that laughable "brilliance"?)

Oh, I'm not counting on Mrs. Who playing nice. It's really reverse psychology...I figure she'll be even harsher now. ha ha

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who,
Uh-huh, SURE you are! I'm leaning towards BR's side of this argument. Us fellas have to stick together (even when we're wrong!)

Mrs. Who said...

What...it takes THREE of you to handle me?

*walks off singing, 'I've got the power'*

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who,
Oh, SNAP! ;-)

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