Iron Man (no spoilers)

First off: Stay until after the ending credits...you'll be glad you did.

Iron Man - not to be confused with it's literary cousin, Irony Man - was an excellent flick from start to finish. At no point can you possibly be bored with great action & snappy dialogue. I especially enjoyed the departure from Marvel comics' usual life-sucks-no-matter-what storyline.

The actors all fit their characters well & delivered top-notch performances. Downey takes off (sorry) with a tremendous job as Tony Stark & makes for a completely memorable persona among many who are worth a bit of space in our minds. Even the most life-changing of moments never sees him abandon his basest instincts (naughty as some of them are). Always, there's some comedic/dramatic strain between characters that keeps the audience driven into the seats.

To do the great acting & story one better, Iron Man gives us plenty of dead terrorists - which, as we all know, are the only good kind of terrorists. As an aside I fully support his "kill 'em all & let God sort 'em out" diplomacy.

Go see this movie. No, that WASN'T a suggestion.


RonnyEngrish said...

Muses of Irony Man
It wasn't that long ago that there was a Union Strike. Some weird group ..what were they called... oh yeah. The Hollywood Writers Guild or something. You know the ones that I am talking about. They would shut down Hollywood and the TV viewers would riot in the streets for another episode of 'Indifferent-Housewives-With-Their-Neighbors-Climidia' (sorry kids, that ain't a flower and if it were herbal it would probably be related to a Poison Ivy like Fungus).
I would have to surmise that Iron Man must have been made in that short window of the lack of Obvious Hollyweird Tallent because there were some things that were seriously lacking that are common place in Modern Movies. For starters: There was no real presence of Shock Language. Hmmm Movies can do well without it. There's a concept.
While there was a scene of a Reporter from Vanity Fair (Kids that's the tabloid that shows naughty pictures of famous minors. Don't read it.) doing what Vanity Fair does best. There was less skin that in their Hanna Montanna Layout. That's Ironic.

Okay there was violence. What there was not, was Gore. Since Global warming has consumed most of his schedule he has not had time to get into any Pro-Military Movies. (In His Plan...They would have put all the weapons in a lockbox. And then sosicil sehkurty would be saved.... I save that for another time.)

This movie did good despite it's obvious Pro-Military under plots. Why? How could this happen?
Had to be the writer's strike.

Hollywood: Please go on strike again. We could use some fresh brain cells in the Writing Department. Lord knows we could stand saving some grey matter from the constant deluge of tastless crud writing that comes from your kind.

(I hope I did not give too much away.)

Richmond said...

I loved it too!! :)

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