The Spanish Warming

I've been thinking about a good comparison for global warming for quite awhile now. It actually hit me when the "carbon credits" subject came up. You know the deal: some guy with a lot of cash & a lot of gas (in his tank) can drive/fly/boat as much as he wants & to make up for it, he "donates" some of his cash to carbon offsets that apparently makes all the bad things he's doing go away.

Hmm, that seems to strike a historical chord with me. What period in history gave people an out by letting them pay off their sins? Of course! It's the Spanish Inquisition (1476-1834) during which some people - thanks to corruption - to purchase indulgences, in effect buying off their indiscretions.

There were 3 main goals with the Inquisition: 1) Keep the people in line with the monarchs' policies/religion; 2) Weaken opposition to the monarchs; 3) Profit.

There are 3 main goals to the global warming movement: See above...

Basically, one can argue that global warming IS religion for the left. They certainly defend it with the fervor of a cultist fanatic (paging Tom Cruise!) and people seem to be going out of their way not to tread on it's obvious shortcomings (hello, radical Islamists!) possibly out of fear.

How The Left Turned Global Warming Into Their Religion:
* Promise of eternal government.

* "Don't believe in God? No problem, we've got Al Gore!"

* Offering each other a peace sign instead of a sign of Peace.

* Indulgences are literally planetary.

* Communion? Nah, they just smoke pot.

* "We've got all the religious holidays, PLUS earth day!"

* Do unto others as they do unto mother earth.

* Beatitudes replaced with bad attitudes

* "Gospels" according to Prius, Greenpeace, Treehugger & Moonbeam

* Two words: Baked tofu!


Harvey said...

"A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader."

It's a religion.

Hapkido said...

Summed up brilliantly, sir!

They'll have to accept the fact that they don't have the tax-free benefits yet. ha ha

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