PC Police

They're at it again...

Apparently, it's a great idea to change tradition - heck, that stuff is only for anachronistic kooks, right? - and have the West Point Alma Mater re-worded to become gender neutral in the interest of being politically correct.

Now, of course women should be allowed to serve in the military & many have done so with distinction & honor. There's no question their service counts every bit as much as a man's. I count anyone brave enough to serve & sacrifice as equal to any other who serves. Gender simply isn't a factor.

I have a problem with changing traditions to suit the times. After all, we wouldn't change the Declaration of Independence to "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal...", would we? Do we go back & say that the Founders were wrong? Is there a reason, other than a "feel good" measure , to change an Alma Mater?

The answer is "No". Traditions provide more than a reminder of our history - they're a bond from class to class, generation to generation. They demonstrate to all included and observing them exactly what the point of tradition (and an Alma Mater) is: being part of a Family. That ought to be worth maintaining. It's most definitely above the politics of the PC.


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