Chewing gum and kicking butt...and I'm all outta gum

Well I am here and from what I am told by my evil genius massssterrrrr Hapkido, the first blog is supposed to be real ... well ...stinky. Well as I was laying awake thinking of a topic my Schnauzer...Mini-Schnauzer...My wife's Mini-Schnauzer. Decided to take on one of his notorius musical interludes. That right. He was jamming with the ole tooter. AND BEFORE YOU ASK....no it was not me blaming the dog. So as I lay there in the aroma therapy of this four legged terrorist of the olfactory nervous system. I picked up my pocket computer and composed the following......



The horrible hungry attention hog.
Good thing to blame upon the dog.
Asilent but deadly assassissination,
of fancy funtastic flatuation.
The Magnificent melodious linger..
Wonder why they pulled the finger?
A smeller to share with others,
Justice just to fluff the covers.
whatever rumble from down under,
All our nasals may not recover.
Some may cry and another gags.
Is it just me, I smell eggs.
the desperate cry of a trapped turd.
That will make them say; "Oh My Word!"
On the elevator it takes no blame,
Cutter of Cheese with no shame.
Walls of paint forever stained,
when ignighted by the Fart 'O Flame.
Oh the farting horse will never tire,
Yea, the farting man tis the one to hire.
Oh the crys with noses held shut...
That; "someone needs to wipe their butt.

Well I know as a first blog it has to stink....I hope it wasn't too bad.


Hapkido said...

It looks like you took my advice about a traditional stink first post quite literally! I'm thinking they can smell this all the way in the Middle East...

Maybe we can use it to ferret some of those terrorists out of their hidey-holes!

RonnyEngrish said...

I love the smell of schnauzer in the morning... Smells like..{sniff}..victory.

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