Ahh...That's Better

I was perusing a few articles online & came across this scruffy gem. The only point on which I disagree is the "men drive classic Fords". Maybe across the Pond they do that, but real men here drive classic Pontiac GTOs. I'm talking 1964-1967, not that RAMAIR crap from the 70s.

After the "metrosexual" phase of idiocy that plagued our male gender - I mean male sex ::grunts:: - I say it's high time the real man, the Indiana Jones "I'll punch you in the face for smarting off & worry about you feelings, well, never" kind of man showed his face again. There's too much of us pandering to everyone for fear of offending or arguing. Women CAN'T like men that have no spines.

And if they do, I'm definitely not interested in them & their collection of lockboxes...

The real men - the example to us younger ones - seemed to disappear after the baby boomers. They're the ones who would say what they meant, had self-respect & if they had a problem with their car, the Chilton's manual was all they needed. Yes, these bold examples of confidence and dignity led their lives like they knew what needed to be done & the followed through.

My generation (and the even fluffier current generation) lost that somewhere. I don't know if there was collective guilt in the concession to femi-nazis & the caving in to the "me, me, me" culture. Yes, telling your girlfriend/wife - that's just courtesy - that you've got plans with the guys & giving her a time when you'll be home is perfectly fine. Having to ask the same, something she probably doesn't feel so inclined to do when she goes out, is an act of a lesser "half" in a relationship. (Says the man who is not & probably never will be married)

Fortunately, the equal relationship seems to be back! Real men have returned!


Bob said...

Excellent food for thought.

Mrs. Who said...

Let's hear it for 'real' men!! I like my men rough and ready.

Umm, that didn't come out quite the way I planned.

Hapkido said...

I'm glad it piqued your interest.

Mrs. Who,
Um, yikes? Maybe you're a Teddy Roosevelt kind of lady! ha ha

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