Rip Off

For lunch, I went to this BBQ place called Dickey's & ordered a plate with 2 meats, 2 sides & some cornbread.

My bill was $10.06

I wrote in $10.06 for the total, put a line through the "tip" part (I got the order to go) & signed it.

So how, I ask, did I leave a $2.01 tip for them?

I plan on contacting these rip-off artists tomorrow & giving them a piece of my mind.


Matt said...

I guess Dickey's is more then just a clever name.

RonnyEngrish said...

First of all. That is Credit Card Fraud pure and simple. I think that they are looking at it like who's gonna complain about $2.01 AND GEEZ A 20% TIP!!!!

I ate there once. Once. I figure the tip was in the flippin' outragous cost of the meal. I could get more for less next door at McDonalds.
btw the McRib is better ask the short guy that works with you Hap'. The one that has the McRib addiction.

Now because I love it when the shoe is on the other foot I propose this... I will gladly go in there with you and order a ton of the worst stuff on the menu (the kind of stuff even the line cooks wont snitch out of your meal). At those prices it will be easy to run the price up. Then as they are getting the stuff ready look at the manager and say: ".. What? You want $150? Sorry not when you screwed me out of my $$$ the other day. Howz it feel to get that end of the stick, sucka?"

Then walk out.

Of course I have no intention of ever eating there again, but to go out in a blaze of glory....or w/ ton of BBQ sauce on the back of my head cuz someone threw it at me.. either way it's okay with me.

Hapkido said...

Problem resolved, guys! I'm hesitant to ever return there but they did make it right the same day.

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