This Is Great

If you read this blog, you probably also read Mrs. Who's blog - House of Zathras. As you all know, it's an excellent page & always full of good things to read.

Now, however, there is an absolute must read on her page. Anyone who's supporting our military unconditionally & feels the gratitude we all owe them needs to check her post out.

Way to go, Mrs. Who, you knocked this one out of the park!


Mrs. Who said...

Thank you very kindly, Hap. And I apologize for dropping the "f" bomb...I only use it when I'm well and truly upset.

Bob said...

I agree completely. I love her rants.

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
Thank you for the great post.

No need to ever apologize for saying what's on your mind. I think it was truly appropriate considering the topic & the frustration many of us feel.

HapKiDo said...

Yeah, Mrs. Who has some of the best. No matter how angry she gets, there's always good, plain common sense behind it all.

Mrs. Who said...

Hap and Bob, y'all are great....like my own personal fan club.

I like it.

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