Tom Harkin recently hearkened to the "fact" that John McCain, his family having an extensive background of military service, is unsuited to be commander-in-chief of the MILITARY because the Senator from Arizona will only be able to view things from a martial perspective.

Sure, I could get into the fact that a democrat criticizing someone as unfit to command the military is a joke in and of itself. Maybe in another post. Maybe.

Instead, I'd like to focus on the obvious issue here: That having a background in the military disqualifies one to lead the military. Arguably, a person who has served best knows, through experience, best how to meet the needs of our brave men & women in uniform.

Still, let's assume - emphasis on "ass" - that Senator Harkin's loony left opinion is correct. How does that change things?

The following people are hereby disqualified from their positions:
* Anti-war protesters: By wanting to end war; having both experience & (let's be honest) most likely an extended family history of it since the 60s, Pack up the picket signs, pink paint & crazy chants. Get in the mother ship & go home.

* Talk Show Hosts: Reel it in, Hannity & Colmes; Rush Limbaugh & Jay Leno, you've got no right to TV or the radio waves. You know what you're doing! How dare you steal the opportunities that we feeble, poorly-spoken, inexperienced people yearn to have? I'm afraid the hours of quality entertainment & information you bring us don't make you qualified. Gotta go.

* Military: Sorry men & women of our Armed Forces. Yes, your bravery, dedication & willingness to protect our precious freedoms every day you serve is a testament as to how you stand above even the most amazing American civilian. However, your training & experience are exactly what Senator Harkin has determined we don't need. We'll have to replace you with the now jobless anti-war freaks.

* Senators & Representatives: I'm afraid the Senator from Iowa didn't think about this eventuality when he went off half-cocked. You guys & gals have become so proficient at suckling the government teat, I'm afraid you fattened up to the point you're no longer capable of sitting in that position. It's not like you have done us much good in the past, oh, 12 years. So, with no regrets, I ask you to get out & let some fresh talent in. Seriously.

* Truck Drivers: Sure, you work long, thankless hours. You are away from your families for up to six weeks at a time. The amount of regulations you must know & follow are increasing every year. Even though most of you manage to drive millions of safe miles every day to keep America moving, you have to know this experience is exactly why you can't have this job. Pack it up, get a job at McDonald's & let's give some newbies a try. Besides hundreds of fatality accidents, what's the worst that could happen?

* Meteorologists: Well, you guys never get it right, anyways...

* Bloggers: Michelle Malkin. IMAO. House of Zathras. These are all names known to every blogger (that counts). Unfortunately, their boundless professionalism, humor & wit also relegates them to the trash bin of disqualification. No longer should we the people allow talented, hard-working journalists & writers dominate the blogosphere! Amateurs, rise up & take what is yours. Tom Harkin has spoken!

I think you'll agree the Senator is misguided at best & largely talking put of his rear when he states that a person, based on experience in the affirmative, is not qualified to hold a position based on personal & family history. I'm no shill for Senator McCain - I don't plan on voting for him - and still, listening to a leftist Senator who has done everything in his power to make the people of Iowa more dependent of government claim someone is unqualified to hold a job is just rich.

Hello, Senator! It's government FOR the people, not take from the people. Get a clue.


Mrs. Who said...

Excellent observations and analysis!

This link has a picture that goes along with your idea:


Bob said...

And did you know that Senator Harkin lied about being a "Viet Nam combat veteran?" When he was running for president in 1991, Harkin listed that as one of his qualifications. Actually, he never saw one second of combat in Viet Nam.

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who,
Glad you liked it. I liked the pic - incredibly appropriate!

One of my friends mentioned that to me. I wish I had known that before I posted.

It's shameful for anyone to falsely claim they served in a role. Our men & women who have & do serve deserve more respect than that!

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