John McCain(D)

OK, Senator, it's time to fess up & admit you're a member of the jackass donkey party. Let's be honest: if you had any concern based on a "moral compass" or actual consistency in your principles, you wouldn't be out there touting every hot-button issue the mass-media deems important. It's like you're the fat kid in school scrambling to the call of "Free Ice Cream!" in the cafeteria.

Seriously, claiming you're any sort of "straight-talker" or conservative is a load of bull worthy of Paul Bunyan. You've demonstrated no willingness to cross party lines - you're consistently working with the democrats to the point I'm convinced you ARE a democrat. Heck, even Arlen Specter went our way once in awhile.

That's why your "free-market solution" to the Spanish Inquisition global warming wasn't such a big surprise to me. I fully agree that the free market is a great thing & allows us to determine success based on survival-of-the-fittest. This does not, however, include delusional politicians (*cough* Al Gore) who seek to profit from claiming an environmental crisis just to turn a profit.

Of course, just as Mr. Gore wasn't so magnanimous to include himself in reducing his "carbon footprint", there's no reason to think you'll be so kind as to maintaining some line of consistency in your views. The fact you're buying into this silly concept demonstrates how far out of step you are with conservative principles. Keep in mind that government subsidies of ethanol blended fuel uses food to essentially make gasoline. Thanks to representatives like you, we're paying for ethanol in our taxes (uh, that would be the "subsidy" part), seeing less efficiency in a tank of gas (about 15 to 20% less per gallon) & STILL not seeing any benefit with regards to the cost of a gallon.

Sir, I respectfully request you drop the mantle of republican & assume the one of the ass that you're making of yourself.


Matt said...

So, are we going we the Libertarian Party then? Isn't it Bill Barr? All I know is he doesn't buy the Global Warming B.S.

Bob said...

Here, here! It would be nice if we actually had someone we wanted to vote for.

Hapkido said...

Uh, that's not so good either. Barr is cool with legalizing drugs. I'm really not on board with that.

Hapkido said...

I hear you! There's no one out there really to jump for joy over.

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