15 Minutes

An interesting story unfolded yesterday...

I left for lunch at about noon, stopped at Wendy's & ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, a chili & an iced tea (unsweetened for those in the South). I drove back to the work parking lot - not eating, of course - and parked to listen to the radio while I ate.

After I finished, I checked the time & happily discovered there were 30 minutes left on my lunch break.

Well, now, we can't waste that 30 minutes sitting around, can we? Of course not! I decided a walk was in order & promptly turned off my car, locked it and started my walk around the campus at work.

We have a decent place to walk there. It's about 1/5 mile or so around & a well-paved path. Needless to say, the decent temperatures, sunny skies and spare time conspired to make me get off my duff & burn a few calories.



Fifteen minutes later, after buying a new shirt for work & putting it on, I walked back into the office to finish my day.

Any guesses as to what happened?

Matt guessed in correctly, folks!

I started my walk & a crow, sharpshooter & poop overkill of the avian community, decided my spring blue polo was a little too clean for his liking. After literally squeezing (sorry) off a round, the little stinker went about his business.

The main grouping hit my shoulder & splatter went in my hair, on my ear & neck. Undaunted, I resolved to finish my walk, albeit a bit disgusted at the humorous crap that had befallen me.

I went to the restroom to wash up (lots of soap) & did a pretty good job at cleaning the mess. Unfortunately, I couldn't make myself go back to work in a shirt that didn't rightfully deserve to have the "r" in it's name...

After a quick trip to Theissen's, $15 out of my pocket & some curious co-workers, I went back to work.

I had the greatest time telling anyone who had a bad day, "Oh yeah? Well, at least you weren't sh*t on, literally!"



Matt said...

Sounds like you got dive bomded by a resident pigeon to me.

Bob said...


Mrs. Who said...

Just tell us already!

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