Wii Fit

Yes, I've got one. Envy me, mere mortals! MWAHAHAHA

It's a great platform, to be honest. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up. My favorite is the boxing exercise in the Cardio section. You have 3, 6 & 10-minute intervals (so far) & each one gets faster than the previous. It really gets a sweat going & loosens you up.

All the exercises show you exactly where they're meant to work on your body. And, for you cheaters out there, it CAN tell when you're cheating based on balance - so trying to half-a$$ that yoga pose isn't going to cut it.

Sadly, the thing I should be best at (Balance) is my worst thing by far. If I could bonk those soccer balls or slalom worth a darn, it would make my day. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards. It seems I'm better at taking someones balance than I am at keeping my own.

The sets are: Yoga, Strength, Cardio and Balance. You can also choose an option to do you favorite exercises & even create your own! I'll let you know if that includes kicks but martial arts as a whole probably won't translate too well.

In short: GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!


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