Maybe He Needs Enzyte?

Ah, to be a panda...

Living the good life, frolicking amongst the trees & chewing on Eucalyptus day in & day out. You also get the fringe benefit of being an endangered species. Namely, the zookeeper makes sure you have a harem of (presumably) attractive female pandas for the purpose of procreation. Yeah, it must be a grand old panda life.

Of course, that's assuming you're a male panda!

In the most brilliant example of biology known to man, Chinese zoologists failed to recognize that a panda didn't have the ol' twig & berries - if you catch my meaning. Now, maybe one could assume the little guy (sorry) just wasn't blessed with the best wedding tackle but you'd think a group of flipping scientists could tell you which two pandas are going to be able to (queue Barry White) *bow-chika-bow-bow* to make a baby panda!



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