100% Preventable

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

In the linked article you'll find a grisly example of a completely preventable crime. Had these two disgusting individuals not been here, in the United States, the horrible death of this young lady - Dani Countryman, 15 - would have never been perpetrated.

As it stands, we have two (more) illegal aliens living in jail cells, asking for warmer clothing; a devastated family attempting to deal with the tragic, needless death of a daughter; & a bunch of apologists for illegals in elected government.

To them, I ask:

How would you feel, sir or madam, if a stranger walked up to you & told your entire family that a daughter, son, mother or brother wasn't coming home because a selfish, bickering bunch of political opportunists thought it was better to court a vote?

Do you have the concept of shame within you to recognize that while you debated, prattled & postured for personal gain that illegal aliens are in this country, coming to this country, breaking our laws - the ones you take an oath to defend & support - & you have done not one thing to prevent this & other tragedies in the lives of Americans?

Honestly, the whole of it disgusts me. I try not to get furious over things out of my control but this is too much. I, for one, could not bear looking someone in the eye & tell them a loved one was gone forever because of my indifference or opportunism. Of course, that's because most of us, unlike the ineffectual beltway players, have our own consciences.


Mrs. Who said...

This infuriates me also. I just can't understand President Bush and the other politicos offering 'amnesty'.

I want a wall, and I want it now. Then chuck all the illegals over it with a trebuchet.

HapKiDo said...

Ah, we could use a trebuchet! That would be nice. I'm just fed up with it all.
I'm going to post soon on how all the businesses who thrive on "migrant workers" are whining they'll go under.


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