Yeah, The Guilty Ones!

Many businesses are concerned that the crackdown on illegal immigration (try DEPORTING them, G-men!) will have horrible, unforeseen, cataclysmic results. Namely, they're concerned the economic security of their companies may be in jeopardy. What companies are these?

Banks? Nope.

Lawyers? Hardly.

No, the industry most threatened by curtailing illegal immigration is the agricultural industry. Many of these businesses, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, aren't in good shape if the crackdown occurs. Apparently, this is counted upon to be some sort of sympathy plea to the public. Yes, I am sympathetic.

Whoops! I meant, "some are pathetic".

If any portion of your economic viability is dependent upon illegal activity, I have a couple fields I could suggest: Italians, we have the Mafia. Others can join everything from gangs to syndicates if one is looking for the thrilling life of a wanted man. If that's too much for you, try corporate fraud or burglary.

But, c'mon, if you're thinking "I want to make a fast buck" by hiring a sub-minimum wage illegal immigrant, and then have the nerve to announce how unfair it is when someone cites the law, then you're about as smart as those criminals dumb enough to rob a convenience store & look right into the camera.

You deserve to get caught.


Roses said...

I grew up on a farm.
When I was older, I learned my dad used to hire Mexican labor that came up in the summertime.

But before I could be too shocked, I realized that he traded in his cheap, illegal labor for even cheaper labor: his children!

Now I know why I have so many siblings.
Cheap, cheap, cheap.


Roses said...

Okay, now serious commentary:

In a perfect world, I'd say everyone who has already started the process of becoming a LEGAL American, may get special, although not full, priviledges.
Just because they are showing sincere interest in becoming citizens.
A reward for at least trying to muddle through our screwed up system.

Everyone else, go away.
You're not even pretending to try.

HapKiDo said...

I guess kids can be "cheap" labor...if you don't factor the cost of raising them. :-)

HapKiDo said...

If someone is making an effort to assimilate themselves into our society, I'd say they should be free to work. After all, they're here legally!

If someone's not here legally, they need to get out & apply for a visa/citizenship from their home country. Honestly, if we staunched the flow of American $$$ to Mexico, that addled nation might have the economic revolution it needs to reforge itself.

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