Lucky Amateur!

You know, I spent the better part of the last four (4) years learning how to fall without injury. Most times - most, I said - I succeeded.

Falling on ice without a scratch? Check.

Slipped on a bad step with no problems? Done that.

Being dropped horizontally from four feet up? Ha! All the time.

Air falls aren't even a problem anymore. Then along comes this little twerp to steal my thunder! Honestly, four years of busting my butt to be shown up by a pubescent teenager! The nerve!

Seriously, I'm glad he's OK. I just want to know what his secret is...


Roses said...

Yeah, all because he was reaching for some girl's bikini bottom.

(I know, the article only says "bathing suit", but please, we all know...)

HapKiDo said...

You'd never catch me reaching for some girl's "bathing suit" in any place, much less the hiney!

Well, not while the sun's shining, anyway! ;-)

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