2nd Degree Essay

As (long ago) promised, here is my 2nd Degree Essay. Mrs. Who, I'm particularly interested in your thoughts. This sucker's long, so it may take you some time.

As with the 1st Degree Essay, feel free to read it, give me input & offer general opinions. I have to draw the line at anyone copying this work as your own, publishing on another form of media, etc.

Honestly folks, I just earned my 2nd degree black belt & am about to go for another one in Hapkido! Use your heads...

Besides, that's just plain rude! :-)


Mrs. Who said...

Hap, you do realize I teach 2nd grade...are you sure you want me to critique your essay? I'm thrilled when the kids write something more than "There are three reasons I like Christmas. First, it's fun. Second, it's cool. Third, I get presents. That's why I like Christmas."

If you've got more than that, I'll give you an A++!!

(J/K...I'll read it seriously!)

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
Still, you're a teacher. For you to give me your opinion on this would mean more than you know.

OK, that sounds silly but think about it: who better than a teacher to give approval to an aspiring teacher?

BTW, I can totally top that Christmas essay! :-P

Harvey said...

See also:


Anyway, I've got some pressing business, but I've got the essay in the "to be read" pile...

HapKiDo said...

Loved that! All "F"s. Little, lousy Picasso-wannabes deserved it! ha ha

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