The Real Debate

I subscribe to the "Rush In A Hurry" e-mail update which is an excellent summary of that fine radio program. Since I'm working nights (until next week, woo hoo!), it affords me the opportunity to know what happened on the show.

In yesterdays update I discovered a shocking question being asked of one of the presidential candidates. Not only was this a question that needs to be asked, it is high time someone brought this into the forefront of this great nation's view.

Barack Obama has been asked, apparently repeatedly & in a rhetorical sense, by the media if he is "black enough" to be considered a black presidential candidate. Now, I'm Italian & can't possibly be the best person to determine if someone is "black enough". Come to think of it, I can't be the judge on if anyone is "Irish enough", "Eskimo enough" or "non-mob related enough" to be POTUS.

But that's not the question that needs answering...

If you reference this transcript from Rush Limbaugh's site, read through it (Paragraph 5), & you'll quickly discover the question that every honest, reasonable & patriotic American should be asking: Have you noticed the price of arugula lately?

Honestly, all I want to do is make a sweet, peppery pesto & arugula is the only real way to do that. Sure, some of you argue "Basil!" but that's discrimination against the devout Arugulan crowd. Some have even gone so far to ask if basil is "arugula enough" to be pesto - when, of course, it isn't. The question isn't even fair.

...Some have even gone so far to ask if basil is
"arugula enough" to be pesto - which, of course, it isn't.

It's high time a candidate stepped forward to confront this divisive issue. Simply dismissing arugula as the "magic basil" is condescending & inappropriate! Furthermore, attacking a well-grown, agri-cultural, clean & nice-looking vegetable like arugula sends the message that most arugula is dirty, ugly & even *gasp* hydroponic!

What we need is a "Green City", to match the concept of Ray Nagin's vision of New Orleans, because this is obviously God's will. If He wanted basil & arugula to be considered equals, He would have made them exactly the same. Since arugula is rarer & more costly than basil, we can assume that God, in fact, prizes arugula & keeps most of it to Himself!

I'd like to thank Barack Obama for finally bringing this pressing issue to light! It surely was not easy to stand there in the glaring Iowa sun & field questions of this magnitude. For that, he deserves our support. Not only for pesto, but in salads & for fighting against the dreaded Linguini Basilico!


Richmond said...

Oh good grief... The *endless* stupid things people find to debate. Gah...

Mrs. Who said...

But this debate at least has me running to the kitchen to find something to eat, instead of running to the bathroom to throw-up.

Harvey said...

Heh. Nice one :-)

chlorinejenny said...

I just want some pesto now. Mmm!

Hey Hap. Hope all is well.

HapKiDo said...

Yeah, but if they didn't think of nauseatingly bad topics for debate, what would we bloggers ever do? :-)

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
It does sound rather yummy. Arugula pesto is far better than basil pesto, IMO.
Besides, unlike politico debates, this is an argument you can sink your teeth into!

HapKiDo said...

Thanks! Just came to me. I wish I could get that same editorial format you & Frank J. use. It would look sooo much better with a decent layout.

HapKiDo said...

Arugula pesto is the best! It's also very good for you (with EVOO). That's a rare combination nowadays.
All is well with me. Still working on a job in SC so I can move there. How is everything with you? From your last post it looks like everything is getting back to normal up there.

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