But Do Felonies Get You Bonus Points?

A new video game exploiting one of the hot-button political issues of today is out on the market. In it, the player can take the role of an immigrant on anything from a student visa to refugees.

Sure, there couldn't possibly be a political bent on this aimed at showing how "unfair" the system is to immigrants. Never mind that we have a pretty open - border pun not intended - means of people to come here legally. Forget that visas are issued with the idea the person is visiting for a specific purpose. And toss out the fact any child born in this country is automatically blessed with citizenship.

No, the game is there to show you "how it feels" to be an illegal immigrant.

Well, I think there are plenty of people who can relate to this. How about the families who won't have children coming home because of 100% preventable crimes? No, there's no mention of that being part of the "experience". What? Do you get bonus points in this game - a la Grand Theft Auto - for killing people while you're an illegal?

This developer can spare me the self-righteous load of crap of "how would you feel". How would I feel if I was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be? If I killed or hurt anyone because I was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be? Well, since I have a conscience, I guess that's an easy question to answer:

I wouldn't be there in the first place.


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