**No Spoilers**

This action-drama was an excellent movie (really more of a date flick)! Basically, we have Tristan (Charlie Cox), a decent but awkward shop boy who is hopelessly smitten with a transparently superficial hottie, Victoria (Sienna Miller). To demonstrate his "love" for her, he vows to bring back a shooting star (Yvaine, played by the lovely Claire Danes) they observed that night for Victoria's upcoming birthday.

Also in the chase, for various, mostly vicious, reasons are Septimus (a sinister "gentleman", by Mark Strong) & Lamia (cunningly portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer). Septimus is ambitious & largely a noble man who believes he is important above all others. Lamia is pure evil: calculating, controlling & devoid of any decency. Both want "the star" for their own selfish devices.

You'll enjoy this movie for the most part. There are a couple "slow" parts but these largely serve to keep a sense of tempo in the movie & do not disappoint. Robert DeNiro, playing Captain Shakespeare, gives an...interesting performance. Oh, it's good as expected. Just a different role for him.

If you're a romantic who loves a Princess Bride-type story without so much of the tongue-in-cheek, this movie will sit well with you. There is humor but it's not the focus of the film. The dramatic story is well done, suspense is ever-present & the climactic scene is excellent. Fortunately, the number of cliches are kept to a minimum & the acting is strong for all parts.

The most important lesson? If a ninety year-old man tells you not to do something, DON'T try to trick him! He might hand you a beating you'll never forget! :-)


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