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Well, I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday to make sure I could drive again...which was canceled for "weather".

For those of you who aren't familiar with the definition of bad weather in South Carolina, it's basically a beautiful, sunny day with some remaining snow on the areas surrounding the roads. NOT actually ON the road, mind you.

So, the doctor being closed, my appointment was rescheduled for today at 11:40, this Thursday. After waiting for an hour in the exam room, I spent five minutes with the doctor.

The result?

I can drive again & when the meds are out this month, the prescription doesn't need to be refilled. All that's left is periodic checks (once every year or so) to make sure the tumor doesn't return. I'd call that long-term, cautious optimism...


pamibe said...

Great news!!! :-)

brenda cox giguere said...

Oh, I'm so glad things are looking good for you! :)

YAY, one for the good guys.

By the way, I like the splashy new masthead.

I'm pretty much moved over to my new blog addy-
http://hollywoodgoesconservative.blogspot.com - you wanted me to let you know. :)

Mrs. Who said...

Happy Dance time for the Hapkido Man! So happy for you...freedom again!

Richmond said...

That's great news!! :)

Hapkido said...

Pam: Thanks!

Brenda: Thank you & thanks for the compliment on the header!

Ah, I was wondering when you'd make the permanent move! I'll check it out.

Mrs. Who: Yeah, back to burning fossil fuels & contributing to "global warming". ha ha

Richmond: Thank you!

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