All Class

Note to former presidents Carter & Clinton...take a lesson from former-president Bush. He refuses to criticize president Obama.

This is following tradition, sirs! Something neither of your self-important, needy, attention-getting personalities allow. It's been tradition since the formation of the United States that former presidents cede the spotlight & allow our current leaders to perform, uninterrupted by their predecessors.

Do the United States a favor: retire & leave the limelight of public office. Follow the example of a true leader, not a cowardly pacifist or sex-offender.


pamibe said...

Amen to that! From inauguration day onward, President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have been nothing but a class act.

Karter and Klinton? It's funny; they've earned our scorn yet get away with all sorts of lunacy.Ugh.

Hapkido said...

What we're seeing today is just proof that the media is influencing the people far too much.

Take the AIG bonus scandal...if anything, we should be most pissed that:
1) trillions of our $$ are being spent by Congress.

2) Congress is disregarding the Constitution by taxing at punitive rates for indidvual citizens.

3) We've allowed the media to do our thinking for us.

Harvey said...

Huh. I actually hadn't given any thought to how quiet Bush has been.

I guess it's been that long since we had a President who moved on from his old job.

Hapkido said...

Harvey: Exactly!!!

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