Group Think

Well, secretary of State Hillary Clinton says we Americans deserve some of the blame for Mexico's drug problem.

Now, you might think my issue here is with another democrat pulling the "blame America, first" crap but you'd only be partially correct.

The real effing problem is the former-First "Lady's" grouping of law-abiding Americans with the corrupt, devious & shameless. No, I'm not talking about Congress...I mean those losers out there that buy, sell & use illicit drugs.

This is a typical leftist tactic of eliminating individualism by putting us all in groups. There's not you, me & our friend. No, it's a trio of gun-toting, bible clutching red-staters. Dhimmocrats just don't have the time to learn the names of all the people they hate. This way I guess it's easier for them to round us all up & keep us with our "kind" when the last of our rights go bye-bye.

Look, madam secretary: we're not even mostly the helpless, worthless individuals you & your ilk make us out to be. We want your kind to stay out of our lives, let us live free as we deserve & hopefully all of you pols can take a flying leap.


pamibe said...

"This is a typical leftist tactic of eliminating individualism by putting us all in groups."

It doesn't begin or end with gun toters or drug users, either. Every time I hear 'Wal-Mart shopper' I cringe... :(

Hapkido said...

Ugh! I hear you there! Honestly, it's not too bad shopping there in SC but here in Iowa, I use Super Target. The Wal-Mart here makes you feel all white-trashy...

Bob said...

Amen on your rant. By the way, I work as a cashier at a Wal-Mart on the weekends. It is in an affluent area. We get white trash, for sure, but also every other element or "group" in society. And they are all spending money like there is no tomorrow.

Bob said...

Reading your post for a second time, I realize you have many good lines here. Again I say "Amen!"

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