Why, Cat, Why?

I've never understood cats...

Being a dog person, those furry little felines conjure images of hair balls & litter boxes. That's probably why I was reluctant to take my brother's $700 Scottish Fold when he moved into an apartment that doesn't take pets.

As for why I mention the cost: My brother did a lot of research on what kind of cat he wanted & ultimately picked the Fold because of their tendency to bond strongly with one person & their general placid demeanor. What he didn't count on is the little kitty would, for some odd reason, bond more to me than him.

She is a very nice cat (that unfortunately listens as well as any other cat) & he felt she'd be happier staying with me instead of giving her away. I agreed there since who knows what can happen to a pet when another person takes him or her.

This little bundle of Gizmo-looking joy has taken to sleeping in my bed at nights. Hey, that's fine. She's a little one & doesn't make a sound. She likes to curl up at the foot of the bed which is just fine with me since we won't see Spring here in Iowa until May.

The problem?

I generally sleep on my back & this one has figured that sleeping on my stomach/chest is a darn comfortable place! Being soooo smart, I reasoned that a little roll to my side would dump her off of me & put the idea of sleeping there out of that little cat brain.


With the cat now sleeping on my hip, I reluctantly rolled onto my back again & resigned myself to many nights of moderate discomfort. This holy terror will make noise & run all over the place if she doesn't have ready access to my room!

Here's a few pics of her taken on my new 5.0MP Smartphone camera...


pamibe said...

What a cutie! I've now got a hilarious mental image of her clinging to your hip in the middle of the night.

Mrs. Who said...

That's an 'eat sh*t' look if I ever saw one.

But cat people are good people.

brenda cox giguere said...

Awww. I think these things happen for a reason. You have a real sweetie there.

Being nice to a cat will make the cat turn out great, devoted and a real friend, more like a dog. Try "eye kisses"- squinch your eyes shut and they'll do it right back as a sign of mutual affection.

Have fun and enjoy your new buddy!

Harvey said...

Well, training a cat is just like training a dog, except it takes longer.

If you don't want kitty on your hip, just firmly, gently, and repeatedly move her bodily to somewhere more acceptable. She WILL get the message eventually.

The hard part is mustering the willpower to inconvenience an animal who's busily pegging a 10 on the cute-o-meter.

Hapkido said...

Pam: She really is. Her personality matches the cuteness you see in the first picture. She's very nice to everyone & just seems to like me best.

Unfortunately, she knows she's cute & figures she can do whatever she wants. At least that's only *mostly* true!

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: That was more of a "Why did you use the flash?" kind of look. This little girl is just so sweet that most people would get cavities around her.

When it comes down to it, all she wants is A LOT of attention, which she does get.

Hapkido said...

Brenda: She does this "lip smack" thing...just a "that was yummy" kind of sound from her mouth. It seems Bagpipes likes it when someone does that back to her.

Cats = Weird...but also just adorable in this case.

Hapkido said...

Harvey: She's apparently learned how to climb on my torso without waking me up, so my training has obviously progressed faster than hers!

Bagpipes definitely knows how cute she is! Anyone who visits is immediately wrapped around her paw & gives her all the attention she could want...which is exactly what the devious little sh*t has planned.

Bob said...

Hilarious post. who'da thunk you were such a pussy?

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